Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Times Flies

Even I of erratic posting habits am amazed that more than two weeks have passed since my last post. Good things are happening around here, and I plan to share more about that with you later this week.

Good things that are not art and crafts, I'm afraid. But I do have a couple of projects to show you...

First, I went on a brief granny star making binge. I purchased Sarah London's patterns before I knew I could get free instructions here. I had visions of making a garland for Christmas, but I lost steam and got distracted with other interests. (Imagine that!) I've decided that I'm definitely more of a small project girl, and the timing of this realization is especially important. (I'm trying to build suspense... I AM NOT pregnant!)

I also finally got around to doing a little piece of artwork for my friend, Tracey. When she saw this journal page, she indicated she would like a version for herself. In true Kathryn Estelle fashion, I had all kinds of grandiose plans for a mixed media masterpiece, but I never got father than painting a honeycomb background. In a moment of inspiration, I decided that I would make it postcard size (4x6), and all of my design quandaries were over! The cute little bee stamp came from Michael's. I hope you like it, Tracey!

By the way, I want to mention that I haven't been doing the "Follow" thing because I wasn't exactly sure how it worked, and I never got around to taking the time to find out. I subscribe to tbe blogs I read in Bloglines. However, I am gradually "following" as I visit my friends, favorites, and others who are following me.