Friday, July 27, 2007

Ravelry and The Truth

One of the things about Ravelry, if you embrace it and take advantage of all of its features, is that it lays the truth before you. You can no longer live in ignorance as to how much yarn, needles, and patterns are at your disposal. My own personal assessment follows:
  • I have 33 different yarns entered in my stash. This does not include my stash of Mission Falls 1824 Wool, my cotton dishcloth yarn, nor a variety of crochet project yarns and remnants that have been collected in a giant Ziploc bag.
  • I have the yarn, needles or hooks, and patterns to complete at least ten projects.
  • I have the yarn and patterns to complete at least six additional projects. I'm just in need of more needles, primarily circulars.
At the rate at which I complete projects, I have more than enough supplies to keep me occupied for at least two years. The realization has been sobering for me, and I have accepted that what I intend to be an enjoyable hobby that I can use to bless others through handmade gifts often morphs into an unhealthy obsession. I had gone so far as to commander the guest room for yarn and supplies storage with the view of making my own "studio," as I often see mentioned in fiber blogs. I have selfishly used my family's resources, both financial and otherwise, for my own ends, and I am sorry for it.

My confession here is BY NO MEANS and indictment upon anyone else. Everyone's circumstances are different. I have been convicted only about my own behavior and attitudes, and as a result, I have made and will continue to make some changes.
  1. I relocated the majority of my supplies to my bedroom (The remainder is in the guest room closet.), and rather than expanding my supplies and related materials (i.e. books, magazines, patterns, etc.), I intend to maintain what is for me a reasonable accumulation.
  2. I do not intend to buy any more yarn in the near future, with one exception: yarn for Christmas stockings for my children.
  3. I will use the resources I currently have available to make as many Christmas and birthday gifts as possible.
  4. If I do come into some "mad money" I will use it to purchase the needles I need to complete the projects for which I currently have yarn and patterns but no needles.
  5. I will use the time I spend on the Internet in knitting- and crochet-related activities more judiciously. I have already scaled back my online time considerably in the past week.
  6. I will maintain a record of my purchases.

This post is for my own benefit so that I can revisit my goals as needed. It is not self-flagellation. I have learned an important lesson, and, so far, I am happy with the results.