Thursday, May 3, 2007

FO Quest

For the past several days, I have been feeling very anxoius to finish the many projects I have in the works, primarly because I am eager to begin new ones. It seems like every day I have the urge to cast on for another project (Yesterday, it was the linen hand towels from MDK.) However, I know better than to start any more projects when I have so many already in the works. Here is list of my current works in progress:
  1. Classic Ripple Blanket from Cozy Crochet (Started Fall 2006. Haven't worked on it in months.)
  2. Irish Hiking Scarf (Started December 2006) (See photo, above.)
  3. Soft Waves Ripple Baby Blanket, a.k.a. Baby Tiger Ripple (Started February 2007)
  4. Starter Stockinette Sock from Knit Socks! (Started March 2007)
  5. Crocheted Triangle Shawl (Started April 2007)
And of course, there is the ongoing knitting of miters, which has progressed not at all in recent days.

Part of the problem is that I have all of these crochet projects in the works, but now I am very eager to just knit. Takin the "Oops" Class increased my confidence considerably, and I'm ready to try more challenging knitting projects.

My plan, for now, is to concentrate on the Baby Tiger Ripple (The recipient was born last Friday!), the sock, and the shawl. We'll see how it goes.