Friday, April 13, 2007

Flower Power

I went on a crocheted flower binge recently. One evening, I printed a bunch of flower patterns from Crochet Pattern Central and the Lion Brand web site. Then a few days later, I started with the flower pattern in Cozy Crochet, and then I worked through the stack of patterns I had printed. The photo above displays some of my efforts.

I used scrap yarn, and interestingly, even when crocheting flowers, yarn quality affected the enjoyment factor and the outcome for me. My favorite flowers are the ones I made with Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes and Dyed Cotton and Missions Falls 1824 Wool.

I had never crochetd a flower before, and I can't remember what inspired me, but crocheting flowers is a great instant gratification project. Plus, after I crocheted the flowers, it occured to me that I had a couple of hats that could use adornment. Then green one was an early crochet project that I had set aside because it lacked something. With the big pink flower, I love it! The read hat is a simple K2P2 hat I knitted for my son that turned out to be too small. However, with the addition of a crocheted flower, it is perfect for my little girl.

I now have a big glass jar for yarn scraps and crocheted flowers. I'm thinking of eventally making a wreath for my daughter's room.